Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Last Day of February

Well, the last day of February has me feeling a little bit daunted. I know I have achieved small steps forward, however March marks the month where I have very large outgoings and 2 weddings. Whilst I was endeavouring to do No Spend February, I feel as though I fell off the wagon in the last 2 weeks. I need to gather my thoughts and refocus. I can't say that I have spent copious amounts of money on frivolous things, it's just how I feel. The smallest of my credit cards has only got $259 left, which will be paid off in April according to my payment plan and the next one up which has $771 will be paid off in June. Small achievements I know, but at least the debts are going down rather than up. By the end of March I will have earned(in addition to my normal pay) the last of the payment for my daughter's trip away ($1365) and gotten our son sorted out at uni. There has been no interest in the car yet, but we are reasonably confident it will sell sooner rather than later. I will be working a lot again next month, which I think is why I feel the way I do right at the moment. Not much time to stop & think about exactly where I am up to financially and look at what I am achieving.

Today I did the groceries and spent a grand total of $30.50, that will get me through until Thursday, when I will do a big shop again (some of which we will take away with us next weekend (all meals will be at the apartment, except the Saturday/Sunday night dinners which are provided). That leaves me a grocery budget left for March of $219.50. That's an average of $50/week. All of the bills are paid and nothing is outstanding. I have $273 in my savings account and $359 available in my redraw. I will endeavour to continue on my "No Spend" mission, but need to go back to writing it down daily.

Hopefully I feel better at the end of next week after some nice relaxing days off. I can't wait for the Wedding. We are all really excited.

Not much making to do this week, as we are still feasting off last weeks big bake up!

Happy making & saving!


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