Monday, March 1, 2010

A New Day, a New Month

Welcome to March, the last month of the first quarter. How much difference can we make to our yearly goals this month. The results of the Poll were interesting also, and I found it inspiring to see that 49% of people who came to my blog and voted had credit card debt of between $0-$1000. 16% $1001-$5000, 10% 5001- $10000, and surprisingly 23% > $10001. My mission is to be in the first category by the end of this year. Together, we can all achieve this goal and say "NO" to consumerism and "YES" to financial freedom and independence!

Today also marks the day that my eldest child starts his first day of university. He is studying to be a Commercial Pilot and he looked gorgeous in his uniform this morning as he made his way to the Airport for the first time!

After a relaxing day yesterday and a good night's sleep, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated to give this month all that I've got. Just over $10,000 to be paid this month, just in school fees (1/3 of a year) and the last installment on the trip to Borneo ($3900). My hubby contributes most of the school fees money through his part time job.

So, time to knuckle down, now that I'm re focused. And ensure that this month doesn't see us going backwards (that's really important to us making headway). So join me on my journey and lets beat consumerism and bad debt together!

Happy Making & Saving!!

Martha :))

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  1. The first step in finding financial freedom is to realize that financial freedom has absolutely nothing to do with how much money you have or make. Financial freedom is something that goes on inside of you. This is why someone who makes very little can be happy and someone who makes a ton can be extremely stressed out over his or her financial situation.