Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi Guys,

Finally I am back after a very long break away from the BLOGG! This didn't mean I had abandoned my principles, I was actually working very, very LONG hours and trying to manage my family and keep us on track financially.

I must confess that I didn't always succeed, however we didn't go backwards. We have even managed a 22 day road trip over xmas without using a ingle credit card. The final budget total was only $200 over.

My big news is that my husband now has a job, and although his pay is very low (not on an hourly rate) despite the long hours he works, it is still helping us break through the credit card mountain.

I have been able to drop my hours from 120 per fortnight to a mere 92hours per fortnight. The goal being that this time next year I can just work the standard 72 hour fortnight. What bliss this would be for me!

My comminttment to you; my followers and avid readers this year, is to continue with my plight, in order to achieve my long term goals.....and maybe give you some inspiration along the way. There is so much to tell you from last year, but also about moving forward in 2011.

Until tomorrow.

Happy making& saving